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The galley (Squilla mantis) is a species of stomatopod crustacean in the Squillidae family. It is fished in large quantities as it has an excellent flavor but contains little meat. It is typical of the Mediterranean Sea and the Northwest Atlantic and is found on the stony or muddy seabeds of the coast.
It is carnivorous, its diet consists mainly of fish and other crustaceans. It is caught throughout the year. Galley is a crustacean rich in protein and with a low content of fat and carbohydrates.
However, the cholesterol content means that its consumption must be carried out within a varied and balanced diet. This, in conjunction with the purines in shellfish, can increase uric acid levels.
On the other hand, it helps fight anemia problems thanks to its iron content. Likewise, the iodine present in this food is beneficial for the proper functioning of cells and is especially recommended for children in growth stages.

Las Galeras de Coral are a fresh seasonal product, their months par excellence being December, January, February and March.

The product arrives at our facilities alive, but it is not guaranteed that it reaches its destination alive, although it does arrive with the greatest freshness.

This product is sold alive and by the Kilo.

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